Blockchain Offerings

Blockchain-based offerings to build a better future.

White Label Exchange Development

Provide your users with a smart trading platform with our scalable and customized white label exchange underpinned by powerful trading engine, multi-layer security, high TPS (transactions per second) and liquidity, and self-explanatory admin panel and client dashboard. Our strategically designed services.

Security Token Offering

Link your tokens to business fundamentals and established legal frameworks to raise funds quickly and securely. We lead the way in creating a variety of tokens like equity token, debt token and reserve assets token using market leading platforms such as Stellar, Neo and Hyperledger. Our experts take care of SEC laws based on different geographical areas.

Peer to Peer Platform Development

Our P2P cryptocurrency exchange provides secure, interactive and flexible trading environment, and intuitive interface for end users. The transactions are processed after the seller confirms of receiving the money equivalent to the value of crypto assets to be sold. The Escrow system then releases the crypto assets to the buyer.

Stablecoin Development

Peg your assets and stabilize the volatile cryptocurrency ecosystem. Our blockchain engineers specialize in custom development of stablecoins compatible with all exchange platforms supporting stablecoin trading. Your stablecoin journey is navigated through our host of offerings

Blockchain Consulting

Powered by the world’s most comprehensive collection of blockchain technology research, data and tools, Inspiren Infotech’s consulting helps businesses to achieve better business outcomes. We help you create a roadmap to success with independent advice and support from our thought leaders.

Hyperledger Blockchain Solutions

We help our clients in the adoption and integration of blockchain technology. Our experts deliver tailored hyperledeger solutions aimed at your business process pain points, digital transformation or untapped revenue potential.

Design Thinking Driven Process

Evaluate Blockchain Opportunities and Prototype

Evaluate blockchain opportunities with our Design Thinking-based evaluation framework and build prototypes.

Pilot Blockchain Use-case and Assess Solution

Brainstorm, design and implement proposed blockchain use cases. Pilot with client and assess the solution.

Execute and Test Blockchain Solution

Execute the blockchain solution with technology and process limitations on the chosen platform. Test for performance, security and scale.

Integrate Partners and Network

Onboard partner systems and integrate with IT on blockchain network. Enable consensus and governance processes.

Implement and Operate Blockchain Network

Implement blockchain solution across the network. Authorize updates and changes.

Implement and Operate Blockchain Network

Implement blockchain solution across the network. Authorize updates and changes.

More Blockchain Offerings

Biometric-enabled Wallet Development

Our biometric-enabled wallet serves as a cold storage for crypto assets. It adds an extra layer of security to any exchange that it is linked to, by empowering the exchange owner to sign the transactions to allow transfer of funds from hot wallet to cold .

STO Marketing

Cut through the noise with our multichannel marketing approach to stay ahead of the competition. Our fact-supported recommendations and in-depth understanding of competitive STO industry help you leverage the best opportunities in the market.

Coin Development

Embrace digital transactions by harnessing Inspiren Infotech’s strategic coin development services to foster your business growth. Our global team of experts works with each client to help build intelligent strategies around effective use cases and implementation and much more to come

Smart Contract Development

Automate your processes, transactions and agreements while improving security and reducing costs with a smart contract. Our comprehensive services span smart contract design, development, auditing and optimization. Industry-leading platforms such as Ethereum, Hyperledger and EOS are leveraged to drive the smart contract development process.

ICO Development and Marketing

Inspiren Infotech supports you at every step of ICO development, from token creation and smart contract development to website design and whitepaper creation. We offer a host of ICO marketing offerings, including SEO, social media marketing, PPC and content marketing. We strategize our marketing campaigns around your target audience.

Binance-like Exchange Development

Binance, one of the top three exchanges worldwide, has witnessed an incredible growth since its launch in 2017; it made a profit of $446 million in 2018. At Inspiren Infotech, we build a crypto exchange platform like Binance to allow you to benefit from the most acclaimed features of the exchange, like user-friendly UI, high TPS, faster trading, more liquidity.

Shift to Blockchain Revolution

Inspiren Infotech harnesses the power of blockchain and other technologies like distributed ledger and smart contracts to build scalable, asset agnostic applications such as white label exchange platforms (centralized, decentralized and P2P), smart wallets, ICO, STO, tokens and other blockchain-based enterprise solutions. Our experts follow design thinking-driven approach to identify blockchain use cases and create intelligent strategies around the same to accelerate your deployments. Together, we are decentralizing the world by combining our deep domain expertise and rich experience to deliver blockchain app development services.

Our Blockchain Tech Expertise