Intellectual Property Protection

We understand that the financial estimation of your product resources fundamentally relies upon the idea of IP rights included. Remembering that, we use best practices and all the accessible lawful and physical intends to ensure your genuine advantages.


We consent to a non-disclosure arrangement with our clients as to provide their delicate information with most extreme security and confidentiality. Upon acceptance of employment, all employees are required to execute a confidentiality agreement and should recognize receipt of and consistence with Inspiren Infotech security policies.


Our applications keep running in a multi-occupant, conveyed condition. Instead of isolating every client's information onto a solitary machine or set of machines, Inspiren Infotech proprietary and client data is conveyed among a common foundation including various homogeneous systems situated over different geographically dispersed server centres.


We recognize your desire for full ownership and command over the IP that your company requires to lead its business. We have set up a legal system which guarantees that all employees, consultants and third parties’ consent to arrangements that assign out all IP to Inspiren Infotech immediately on creation and waive all ethical rights to the fullest extent allowed by law.


When retired from our systems, disks containing client’s data are subjected to a data destruction process before leaving our premises. The disks are legitimately cleaned by authorized individuals using a procedure affirmed by the IT security team and redeployment. On the off chance due to hardware failure, the disks are physically destroyed by degassing.


PHYSICAL SECURITY from inspiren infotech

Project Based IP Segregation

  • checkThe usage of solely committed assets for each project encourages prevention of unapproved access to the client’s proprietary information.
  • checkStrong ethical framework, which structures the moral of our company, ensures that no data is exchanged between projects.
  • checkEvery project team might be isolated into independent secure physical areas and can work inside a dedicated LAN segment.


  • checkUnapproved access to the system resources prevented by means of Security Firewalls.
  • checkApproved access to PC’s and workstations organized using Group Policies.
  • checkOnly authorized personnel have the consent to access important files and directories.
  • checkEmail and web-servers dwell in an independent data center.
  • checkBackups are performed on a daily and monthly basis.
  • checkMonthly backups are stored in a protected location and the backup logs are appropriately maintained.
  • checkThe established system of multi-level security management presumes customary external security audits that enable to reveal the current and possible security shortcomings.
  • checkNo removable media (including CDs, flash memory storage devices, etc.) may go all through the office without the composed authorization from the organization.
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