A committed development center at Inspiren Infotech is an authoritative commitment model worked around team efficiency optimization in selective, long term outsourcing relationships.

Inspiren Infotech Managed Dedicated Teams

Inspiren Infotech Managed Dedicated Teams

You are not set on creating a software department, however need tech talent completely devoted to your needs? Inspiren Infotech offers undeniable, thoroughly set up and proficiently overseen committed teams for start to finish coverage of your technology driven needs. We leave it to the Customer to decide the favored degree of monitoring and involvement, while guaranteeing full visibility into the project advancement.

Client Managed Dedicated Teams

Client Managed Dedicated Teams

A customer-managed dedicated team is an ideal solution when your underway project encounters ad hoc interest in additional resources, new technologies or domain-specific expertise. Driven by a project manager on your side, Inspiren Infotech's committed professionals will basically, reliably and cost successfully fill the gaps in your project needs, showing excellent arrangement with the built-up procedures and methodology.

Offshore DDC setup and operation



  • Needs & requirements analysis
  • Scope definition, expertise mapping
  • Candidates screening and team selection


  • Team setup
  • Project kick-off
  • Environment, tools, infrastructure setup


  • Operation review and adjustment
  • Knowledge accumulation & sharing
  • Maximum productivity achieved and maintained

Inspiren Infotech’s extended expertise pool

  • Niche technology and domain experts connected on as-required basis.
  • Consistent observing and adoption of industry best practices.
  • Aggregated domain-specific ability
  • Projectprietary approach and procedures know-how

Your Dedicated Team with Inspiren Infotech

  • Professionals hand-picked to fit in with your particular project needs
  • Consistent communication, full visibility and transparency into the progress
  • Onsite visits/presence on request
  • In-depth understanding of your business

WHY Inspiren Infotech



The longest cooperation



The biggest DDC team


BACKEND IN THE CLOUD by inspiren infotech

Technology solutions to business problems

Inspiren Infotech has the organizational ability to allocate an isolated project infrastructure and a committed workplace and office space for a dedicated team working for a specific Client. Adopts cloud services and outsource IT tasks like data storage is one of the most familiar tech solutions.

Outsourced Product Development

Outsourced Product Development

We have broad experience setting up devoted product improvement teams and product development ecosystems for high-tech organizations, ISVs and tech startups. Our overall motto is to fit together specialists with the most noteworthy level of the technological and domain expertise required to carry your technology product to progress.

DevOps Enablement by inspiren infotech


Inspiren Infotech has been developing DevOps ninjas skilled at delivery automation for quite a long time. Today, we are agreeably impressed by how far IT teams with a mature DevOps approach can take organizations and businesses. Connect with a DevOps committed squad with Inspiren Infotech