Our dedicated IT department is in charge of keeping customers educated about all huge occasions concerning the working of the information infrastructure on a 24x7 premise by means of Email2SMS-empowered cell phones.

computing environment

Our servers are based on standard working frameworks and security fixes are consistently sent to the organization's whole foundation. This homogeneous condition is continually observed for changes.

network services reliability

Fail-over capacities are executed for principle system administrations, for example, advancement, mail, DNS, web access, and active directory servers. Mail Server backup is performed by means of two backup servers, which guarantees mail administration maintenance and stability.

additional capacities

For development purposes, we use virtualization technology, which empowers us to assemble a different operational condition for each project and in this manner increment asset assignment adaptability and viability.

disaster recovery image

Disaster Recovery

Inspiren infotech implements a disaster recovery program at all of its data premises which includes a set of data protection and other security-related activities and embraces data recovery scenarios for each potential data loss situation (e.g., hardware or software failure, computer virus, human factor, etc.). This program comprises multiple components to minimize the risk of any single point of failure, including the following

  • checkAll application data is imitated to different systems within a data centre and to remote data centres.
  • checkInspiren infotech works a geographically distributed set of data centres that are designed to keep up service coherence in case of a disaster or other occurrence in a single region.

How we work?

Inspiren Infotech Helps you secure your company’s best interests by anticipating future threats, offering data backup solutions, and developing a plan to get your business back up and accessing regardless of the crisis.

INFORMATION NON-DISCLOSUREUnderstanding the business risks and impacts

Guided by master experts, an exceedingly experienced and multi-disciplined group audited business impact analysis with company risk and mitigation process.


Championed by senior management and with masters in-house and external guidance the procedure was created to deal with an emergency event rapidly and flexibly.

Inspiren Infotech Provides Following Services

Program Structure Review for Non-Existing Team

  • checkA suggested structure and staffing needs of the business continuity management function, including key duties and connections.
  • checkA gap investigation report specifying key recuperation concerns and insufficient zones contrasted with best practices.
  • checkSuggestions on the mix of in-sourcing and outsourcing proper for your association.
  • checkA short and long-term usage road-map for key organized activities.
disaster recovery image

Benefits of Business Continuity Management

Inspiren Infotech supports business continuity management by offering:

Benefits of Business Continuity Management
  • A seamless user experiences. When email servers go down, users can continue to send and receive emails from known devices.
  • Instant failover and fail back to decrease RPO and RTO for email to almost zero
  • Automatic synchronization of mailboxes after a failover even to reduce confusion without placing extra strain on IT teams.
  • Central management of continuity events from sole. Web based console.
  • A result that deploys instantly with no hardware or software to purchase, lowering cost and reducing IT overhead.