Personalized User Environment
and Quick Access To Cloud Storage through AMS

collaborate with your teams in real-time

Personalized Workspace Environments

As IFP are normally deliberated to be public devices that store data from various users, the data is usually scrambled and hard to locate. There is no answer to customize each user's status and filter out their data. AMS offers personalized settings for user's comfort.

Auto Login to Cloud Accounts

Data on Android devices can be uneasy for beginners to locate and carry with them. Cloud storage is the best way that fits this need, but signing in to a cloud account with keen login credentials can be a dangerous behavior. AMS bolsters the level of security and eliminates the complexity of putting passwords when users try to use their cloud storage accounts.

Auto Login to Cloud Accounts

Efficient Account Management
and Simplified Setup for IT Managers.

Efficient Account Management

Generally, it is greatly time-consuming to manage large number of user accounts for corporate IT managers, AMS offers a fair and perceptive user interface for IT managers to import and regulate various user accounts.

One Step NFC Card Setting

Attaching personal accounts to ID cards with the help of traditional management system is a hard task to do. AMS removes the complicated process of setup and encryption and can tie an account to an ID card through one simple step.

One Step NFC Card Setting

How Our Account Management System Help Clients


Add valid information for your business and arrange contacts exactly as you want them to be.


Outline your client's roles and relationships should be anticipated for quick understanding.


Start typing your desired results will show up before you are done with the first few characters.


It gives an 360 Degree overviews of account and contact info which makes it compitable and cetralized.

Deliver Results with Inspiren Infotech's
Account Management Services

Deliver Results with Inspiren Infotech
    • Process optimization for Key Account Management
    • Joint Success Planning for Key Accounts
    • Creation of Action Plan Templates
    • Gather Voice of Customer Insights.
  • Configure company's workflows, labels and use cases
  • Import data from current systems (CRM, spreadsheets)
  • Build Action Plan Templates
  • Support Customer change management efforts
  • Deep-dive training for administrators and power users
  • Engaging, hands-on system training offered to end-users
  • Online and onsite training available
  • Reinforcement training offered to keep up the momentum